Do you want to Travel?

Do you want to see the world?

Find the part of you, that has been lost? Meet incredible people?

Have the ultimate adventure?


Have you heard of a Travel Mentor? Probably not, but you may need one. Imagine having your very own experienced Travel Mentor, guiding and supporting you to the adventure of your life!


As well as being a Life Coach, I am also a seasoned explorer, with a wealth of travel experience, that I am keen to share. My first solo trip was Central America, I backpacked Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and Colombia across six amazing months! I had such an incredible experience, that opened up a whole new world to me. I made friends with people from all around the world, learned about new cultures and more than anything, I learned so much about me. It was one of the biggest and scariest things I had done, but without a doubt, the best leap I had ever taken. I am no exception, anyone can experience this, even you! 

What will we cover in your sessions?


  • Confidence

  • Travel Goals

  • Planning your trip

  • Financing your adventure

  • On-going support

Hear from other travellers!

Emily Brackett, USA

Hands down, the best decision I ever made was to take a solo trip! As a woman from the U.S., I don't have a lot of women peers who have done the solo travel thing. Sure, they traveled the world with friends or they have studied abroad in college, but not very many packs a bag and go solo domestically or internationally. So for me, backpacking Southeast Asia for two months on my own was going to be a true personal challenge. It then became the most invigorating and life-changing thing I've ever done! It gave me the confidence to be myself. It showed me that I can trust my instincts and problem solve on my own. Finally, it taught me that there are some amazing people all over the world and people will help you (or party with you) if you just open up and say HELLO! After I traveled solo once, I was fearless and took a few more trips on my own. Meeting new friends everywhere I went and experiencing new cultures that excited me to my core. It really was the best way to truly find myself.


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Guy Sadler, UK

I'd once heard travelling being described as "enriching for the soul". Until then, I'd never given too much stock to the effect it had on me. I'd always used it as a way to see new places, dispel cultural myths, or to meet new people. I guess as a byproduct of many expressive actions, something intrinsic and long-lasting were then developed. There have been many hurdles during my travels. Perhaps the biggest I've encountered is in the preparation. The last trip I prepared for over 2 years ago, which I'm still currently on, I can recall anxiety which was making me second guess every decision is made. My biggest advice would be to not plan too much. Everything is subject to change.


The main driver was having a degree of flexibility, and probably more importantly, the balls to say "YES!" Once you're on the road, everything becomes autonomous. As humans, we are nomadic by nature. Put one foot in front of the other, learn how to say "Hi" and "Thanks" and "Cheers!" and everything else will fall into place. I'm writing this whilst sitting on a sofa beside a golden retriever that I'm dog sitting, eating a prawn curry with quinoa, washing it down with a can of Tecate, looking out at a rare, rainy day in Northern California. If that doesn't inspire you then keep walking.

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