Find Your Happy


This four-week package is for anyone who can identify with any of the below scenarios:


  • You are feeling like you need to find some happiness.
  • You are stuck in a way of life that does not bring you joy.
  • You find yourself daydreaming more than doing.
  • Life feels boring and underwhelming.
  • You want to laugh and smile more but struggle to find a reason.
  • You feel like everyone around you is living their dream life but you are not.


This 4-week program has been designed to help you to dive deep into your own self and find your source of happiness, enabling you to live a fulfilled, happy and content life, allowing you to experience inner peace and ultimate fulfilment.


The coaching style is collaborative, thought-provoking and action-based. Using various models to help you explore your most inner desires and plan a way to move into that life, living with meaning and true purpose with happiness being at the core of everything you do. 


Each week you will receive a guided meditation, sent directly to your inbox to help you find the mental space and awareness to properly ground yourself, allowing you to connect to your higher consciousness.


You will also receive various tools, forms, and resources to help you along with this 4-week program.


Exclusive sessions each week with Life Coach, Chloe Gosiewski. You will be sent weekly PDFs tailored to your needs, guided meditations.


Included in the program:

  • One to one coaching per week online (45 mins).
  • Weekly Action Plan tailored to your needs.
  • Weekly worksheets and guides to help you find your happy.
  • Guided meditation each week.
  • Email support throughout the program.

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