Why is health and fitness so important?

Deep down we all know we should eat well and exercise more but for some reason, we push our inner voice deep down and head to the nearest chippy or pub, or in some cases, both and indulge. Because, well we deserve to be happy right? I mean, if we give ourselves what we want or what we perceive as treats then this will make us happy!

This is of course, completely incorrect. Processed foods, copious amounts of beer, and lack of exercise lead only to poor mental health, disease within the body, and an overwhelming loss of confidence. This way of thinking has gone on for far too long and now here we are, overweight, unhappy, and riddled with sickness wondering where it all went so wrong. Here at One Way Journey, we don’t want to waste time looking back in a rearview mirror at a destination we cannot return to. No, we want to push forward and follow a new path, filled with education and inspiration.

Sam Knowles is a Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach, he helps everyday people achieve their own personal physical fitness goals. He helps his clients to make changes by breaking things down in simple terms and using sustainable and effective methods. Fitness is a lifestyle not just about the hours that are spent in the gym and this is something Sam is incredibly passionate about.

Why are health and fitness so important?

If your body is fit and healthy, it stands a better chance of fighting off disease and infection. Of course, a slim and strong body does not always mean the body is free from any illness, but studies and statistics have proved that an overweight and under-exercised body is more likely to develop a disease or infection and increase the risk of many health problems.

Let’s take a look at some figures around deaths involving COVID-19. According to the Office for National Statistics Of the 3,912 deaths involving COVID-19 that occurred in the United Kingdom in March 2020, there was at least one pre-existing condition in 91% of cases. This, of course, means that prior to the individual contracting the virus, the person already had some form of illness within the body.

The most common main pre-existing condition was heart diseases. Coronary heart disease is caused by a build-up of fatty substances in the blood vessels supplying the heart and if often linked to an unhealthy diet. The NHS advises that you can reduce your risk of getting coronary heart disease by making simple lifestyle changes, such as exercising more and having a healthy diet. This is why health and fitness are so important.

If you are physically active and you take care of your weight, and by weight, I don’t mean your appearance, I mean you are of a healthy weight and fit within the body, you are more likely to fend off any illness and if you do fall ill then because your body is strong and your immune system is strong, you are able to recover much quicker. Sam Knowles

There is, of course, a huge mental benefit from having a fit and healthy body. When you exercise, your brain releases feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins, whilst simultaneously expelling the chemicals that make you feel stressed and anxious. So not only are you feeling better mentally, as your body changes and you start feeling fitter psychically, you are also boosting your confidence, which transcends beyond the body and into other areas of your life.

This means that when you eat healthily and exercise regularly, you are in a much stronger state mentally to stick to and achieve life goals. Harvard Medical School shares that many studies have proven that exercise improves cognitive function and sharpens the mind and that a healthy diet can significantly improve the overall health of the brain, which could lead to better mental function.

Changing your physical body has as much to do with mindset as it does exercise.

In order to become fitter and healthier within the body, you also need to become fitter and healthier within the mind. The two support each other along the journey to wellness and taking a holistic approach helps you to manage it as a whole. Sometimes getting started can be the toughest part and so we asked Sam for some advice.

Sam says… Evaluate your goals. What do you want to achieve and why do you want to achieve it? Are you doing it for you or someone else? Once you know what you want and why you want it, you need to find a form of exercise that you enjoy to get you started. Breaking old habits and forming new ones can be tough but it helps if you are doing something fun.

For those who are wanting to make significant changes to their body, they will have to learn to become accustomed to feeling uncomfortable, because pushing yourself beyond your current abilities means getting out of your comfort zone.

Accountability is huge, having someone to hold you accountable, support you, and motivate you can be the difference between achieving the results you want and not achieving the results you want. Find someone to be that person, or hire someone instead!

Everyone's journey is similar to a train journey. We all get on at the same place, our journey starts at the same platform. But you might feel comfortable getting off at the next stop, because that is as far as you want to go, whereas someone else may want to stay on for a long journey. Everyone starts at the same point but their goals will always be different as will the place they get off.

Everyone has their own wellness path, find the one unique to you.

Sam Knowles - Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach.

I help people overachieve on their fitness goals by making simple and effective lifestyle changes!


Email: sknowlesfitness@gmail.com

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