The Final Flight

How well do you remember your flight home? It is a weird one because there is a mixture of emotions. On one hand, you are tired and looking forward to going home. By now you would have started to mentally prepare yourself for the flight, you feel like you’re ready to get home and give your friends and family a cuddle, maybe show off your tan if you picked one up on the way.

You start to think about all the delicious home cooked dinners you’re going to have and all the ‘home things’ that you will be able to enjoy, the things that can only be found at home. For me, it was a roast dinner, a packet of mini cheddars and being able to flush toilet paper down the toilet!

Then, on the other hand, you feel sad for what you are leaving behind, sometimes even who you are leaving behind. How many times did you suffer from separation anxiety, every time you and your travel friends parted? You’d tell yourself you were never going to meet a better bunch of people, then you arrive at a new destination and what did you find? Another awesome group of people, who warmed your heart as much as your previous possy did.

The feeling on the final flight is the worst level of separation anxiety because the next place is home; a 9-5 life and everything you have always known. It feels like everyone else is still on the travel bus and you have to get off and watch it drive off into the sunset without you. What colour are you turning? Yep, you’re a shade of travel blue.

You were running two highly charged emotions at the same time, which can give your mental health a good bashing. It is perfectly normal to feel like this, it happens to us all. Talk to each other about it in the comments below. We may not have physically met on the road, but we all belong to this crazy, awesome family of travellers.

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