Self Care for your Physical Body

Your body is your home, it’s the place where you live all day, every day. Without it, you would not be able to exist as a human on this earth, so it is important to take good care of it, always. Taking care of your body, your health is not about crash dieting or running a marathon, it is about giving it the love, attention and nourishment it needs to support you during in your time here.

Watering to grow

Your body needs plenty of water because it uses so much of it just to keep you alive! It uses water in all your cells, your organs, and tissues all to help regulate body temperature and maintain all other bodily functions. The body loses water through breathing, sweating, and digestion, which is why it's so important to rehydrate by drinking fluids and eating foods that contain water. You may consider trying out the 30-day water challenge to kickstart your wellness journey. It is a great way to get you into good habits and rehydrate your body and start feeling great.

Nature provides us with all the food we need, it also provides us with natural medicines to heal our bodies. You will notice that as the seasons change, so does the food that grows. This is because nature is giving you the foods it knows you need to survive in the climate and conditions that the season brings. So take note of this next time you do your weekly food shop! You do not necessarily have to be a nutritionist to know what foods you should eat, you just need to understand two things. How nature works and what your body wants. Once you attune yourself to these two things, you will begin to feed your body the nourishing energy it craves to have a healthy, strong body able to fight disease and infection.

Listening to what your body wants is achieved through mindfulness. Most of what we eat is out of habit and convenience, rather than what we need and want. When was the last time that you prepared a meal for yourself based solely on what would make you feel good? For example, most people eat a piece of meat with every meal because it's the thing people just do. It is normal to have a particular dish at different meal times because everyone does it that way. However, your body may be craving something different and you are denying it what it needs because you haven't tuned in to what it's telling you. This information is not meant as a lecture, but more to challenge your current way of thinking. It is also not intended to stop you from eating meat, instead to ask you to think about what is it that your own unique and special body wants?

Eating well tip - food preparation

"I really enjoy prepping my healthy meals, for me, it is a self-care routine that helps to keep me on track with eating well. As I prepare my meals, I feel proud that I am actively aiding in improving my health." Chloe Gosiewski

​Movement for the body

Your body needs some form of regular exercise, movement and stretching. In the Cankama Sutta, the Buddha speaks of the benefits of exercise...

Monks, there are these five benefits of walking up & down. What five?

One is fit for long journeys: one is fit for striving; one has little disease; that which is eaten, drunk, chewed, tasted, goes through proper digestion; the composure attained by walking up & down is long-lasting. These monks, are the five benefits of walking up & down.

Whether you have an interest in Buddhism or not, the facts above are true. You don’t have to go to the gym five days a week or train for a triathlon if you don’t want to, you just need to something, every day. Is there a part of your commute to work that could be walked? Perhaps you could set aside five minutes in the morning or evening to practice some yoga or do a few laps of the stairs to work up a sweat?

For a lot of people, most of their working day is spent sitting at a desk in one position for eight hours straight. Then we we go home, we relax on the sofa, again in the same position and without realising it, what we are actually doing is just storing any stress and pain in the body. Movement allows us to push that pent up stress and anxiety out through our body, relieving us of unwanted energy and allowing us to feel good.

Our bodies are incredible, they work on their own intelligence system, each cell and organ talks to each other, transporting oxygen and nutrients around the body, without us having to think to do it. They require us to listen to what it needs to maintain it's functionality.

Your body is more than just what other people see. It is your vehicle through life, your souls encasing. Be kind to your body, love it in the way you should because without it, you suffer. Your body doesn't go against you, your body malfunctions when it is not being cared for, so think about this next time your thoughts and talk are negative about it. Instead, ask it what it needs from you and give it what it wants.

Now it is time for you to answer a few questions:

Write down your answers to the questions below​ and over the next few weeks, try to be mindful of your body, what you are feeding it, how you are moving and what you are feeling. This will really help you to start caring for it and soon, you will notice how it starts to really care for you.

How do you take care of your physical wellbeing?


What could you improve?


How do you feel about your physical body?


How would you rate your health?


What changes could you make to improve your physical health?



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