Seeking New Opportunities With The Universal Laws

Updated: May 6

You are the Master or Mistress of your own destiny. You have preferences, you have desires and you have a choice. There will always be opportunities for those who recognise and pursue them, that is a fact, a Universal Law.

What is Universal Law?

Universal laws are rules or patterns that can be applied to everything in the Universe. It is really useful to know these laws because they are fundamentally the structure of existence. The most popular of these laws is the Law of Attraction (LOA), made famous by #TheSecret the book by Rhonda Byrne, which was then made into a film. LOA is great! But most are unaware that these laws work in unison and so, applying the LOA alone usually results in disappointment.

We want to introduce you to a few of the laws which we think will help you when it comes to seeking new opportunities.

The Law of Divine Oneness is that we are all one and the same. Our natural human instincts, urge us to gravitate towards one another. When someone is in need, we want to help. We are connected to one another by the Law of Divine Oneness.

Everything is energy.

Everything you see, your house, car, food, smartphone, even you, it is all energy. Within us is our spirit, it’s the part that makes us different from a potato. The part that makes us, well human. Our spirit is from source energy and we all come from that same source energy, thus, making us all one and the same.

We all have our own individual part to play, and so, even though we come from the same place, our existence in this physical world is unique to us. Our uniqueness doesn’t need to separate us, for together, we create something truly amazing. We read this analogy by Renee Guenette and we would like to share it with you.

What is it that you can do with a single brick? Well, you can use it as a doorstop or maybe a paperweight, but its uses are pretty limited when used alone. If you now have over a billion bricks, think of all the possibilities before you. These bricks can be used to erect a wall, a fort, build houses, driveways, churches, schools, fences, chimneys, fireplaces, lamp posts, and so on. You need all of them assembled together to create that which you desire and a single brick could never accomplish this by itself. That single brick becomes very important though when used as part of the whole. It becomes a support for the other bricks but also needs the support of the rest of the bricks to become important and valuable as well. If you work alone, for your self-interest and think that you do not need others to help you in your life, then you are like that single brick. You are useful but are not attaining your potential. Once you extend yourself to others, the very talents and skills that you have will be used for the benefit of everyone and the others you work with will also help you out by sharing their different talents and skills for the greater good of everyone. Renee Guenette

Everybody has thoughts and emotions, we all speak words and find ways to communicate with each other. We also all have the same energy which is vibrating but at the same time, we are all vibrating at different frequencies. Everything vibrates and everything has a frequency. If you were to look at anything under a special microscope, you will see that we, it, everything, at a subatomic level, is energy. Everything and everyone. We are all the same, meaning we are all created equal. No one is better, no one worse than another. When you come to understand this, you will recognise yourself in others and see others in you.

We do not exist alone. We are part of this mind-blowing, vibrating world, together. Your physical self, your body, is only half of who you are, you are also a conscious spirit. This is proved by the fact that we are able to walk, talk and think, but a chair cannot, contrary to what Beauty and the Beast may have portrayed. As such, when you think or do things, you are affecting both parts of self; the Above, spirit and the Below, physical being.

We are all the same, as in we all want to feel joy and happiness. We are all trying to get as much experience as we can from this life. We are all going about it in different ways, at different times and in different parts of the world but when you strip back to absolute basics, we are all in pursuit of the same thing. Happiness. Our different personalities and life goals mean that we take different paths to those around us, sometimes our paths cross with others and sometimes they don’t, but the important thing to remember is that we each need to do what makes us happy and remember that everyone else has that same right.

Finding Your Purpose

If you feel disconnected from yourself and your life and you want to find yourself again.

Or, there is a feeling deep within you that is telling you that you should be doing something else, then it could be that you are unsure of what your purpose is. That is OK, sometimes we drift from the mission at hand and need a bit of help finding out what gives us the feeling of meaning and purpose in life. You can get additional help with this here, should you want it.

The Law of Vibration means that everything is always moving and vibrating. The law of vibration serves as the foundation for the most commonly known law, The Law of Attraction. We have established that everything in this world is energy and the energy is constantly vibrating. Frequency is the level that something vibrates at. Your frequency is different from other things in the universe and that´s why it seems like you are separated from what you see around you; people, animals, plants, trees and so on. Everything has its own vibrational frequency even our thoughts and feelings. All of these are controlled by The Law of Vibration and although the table you sat at today may look solid and separate, if you look closer, the table is just trillions of subatomic particles vibrating at a frequency different from everything else around it, thus making it appear as a table.

We tend to not believe anything we cannot see with our own eyes; however, the invention of microscopes now shows us things that were once deemed ridiculous, are in fact very reasonable. The Law of Vibration is as real as the Law of Gravity. We obviously believe that gravity exists because although we cannot see it with our own eyes, we can see the effect it has on us and the world around us. We can see an apple dropping to the floor, but we cannot see the energy vibrating at different frequencies. Nevertheless, both Laws exist and are incredibly important.

Everything is buzzing around and pulling towards things that have the same vibrational frequency. I guess you could compare it to when you walk into a party, you naturally gravitate towards people that you know, to say hi or whatever, because that’s a comfortable fit. I am not saying that you are vibrationally in alignment with everyone you know but my point is, that’s how vibrational attraction works. Energy feels comfortable being with more energy, that is of the same vibrational frequency because it recognises it as being the same. When they say like attracts like or thinking about debt, attracts more debt, what they are saying is, your vibrational frequency will attract more of the things and feelings that are of the same frequency to you currently. You need to be in vibrational alignment with what you want before what you want can come into your life. It is so easy, yet we struggle to really understand it. Most of us tend to be in a war with what we want and what we already have and the two cannot sit together and so, that’s when we need to work on making our current feelings and thoughts more open and aligned with the life that we dream of.

Still with us? You don’t have to be a scientist to understand this, in fact, I think sometimes science can over complicate things with all the big words and mathematics, and we find ourselves unable to understand it, let alone stay interested. The words in this article are the basics and in my opinion, all we really need to know right now. If you have a passion for science then it’s probably what you are meant to be doing with your life, however, for the rest of us, we didn’t come here to figure everything out, we have our own life purposes - but knowing the universal laws and the basics of how they work can help us get on track with where we are supposed to be and creating the life that we want.

The Law of Correspondence is one of the lesser-known laws, yet it has the biggest impact on how our physical world looks. Correspondence is communication and connection, but not so much with others, its more about the communication and connection within ourselves. You have heard of this right? As within, so without. As below, so above. How about… as on Earth, so in Heaven?

These sayings are describing the connection between us physically and us spiritually. What is it that makes us different from everything else? Our spirit, our soul, the part of us that is connected to source energy, outside of this physical world. Your pen cannot talk, it cannot walk and it cannot think about what it wants to do tomorrow, at least not to our knowledge. Our physical world is governed by time, everything has a start and an end. The place where our inner self resides, has no time, no beginning and no end. Time doesn’t exist. It is not heaven and it is not hell, if anything, Earth is a combination of both places, depending on how you choose to see it.

The Law of Correspondence is the connection of the two worlds, it’s the communication between the two parts of you. If you were to take part in any self-help course, read or listen to any wellbeing guru’s, they will all say the same thing. Change comes from within. You are told to love yourself and change the way you feel about yourself and your life, before your life can change, for the better and they are right. The Law of Correspondence is about you being connected to who are on a spiritual level and honestly knowing your self-worth, because from changing within, only then can the physical world change with it. This law ties in with all the others.

Our thoughts and feelings are energy that vibrates at different frequencies - when we feel bad, we are vibrating at a low frequency and when we feel good, we are vibrating at a higher frequency. We attract vibrations that are of a similar frequency, so by changing the way we feel on the inside, that changes the vibrations that we are attracting physically. You can go and take a listen to Michael Jackson’s song – Man in the Mirror for some inspiration.

An example of how the physical is connected with the spiritual is your brain and your mind. Your brain is part of the physical body and this earthly world, whilst the mind is the transcendent world of thought, feeling, attitude, belief and imagination, ie the spiritual world and the two work in unison.

Who we are spiritually, is pure peace, unconditional love and infinite knowledge. We don’t worry because we understand everything. Us as humans are a different story, our conscious minds here on the physical side don’t understand and we do worry. The Law of Correspondence is connecting the two parts of us so that we can make this experience balanced and purposeful. I suppose you could look at it like you are in a car, you are the car and you are plugging in a Sat-Nav to help guide you to your destinations. The Sat-Nav is talking to satellites way up in the sky, you can’t see them, but you know they are there and that the system works and you find your way to where you’re meant to be. This law works in a similar way, but remember, you actually have to listen to what the voice is telling you. Thus, making that connection with yourself being so important.

The Law of Attraction is the most popular of all the laws, yet it is also the most misguided of all. Our world is made up of energy and vibrations, we know that as we have already discussed it many times previously. We are made up of energy and vibrations and through our thoughts and emotions, we attract what we get in life. This law allows us to co-create our own world in which we live. Through positive thoughts, we can attract all the fine things in life we desire. However, in the same manner – through negative thoughts, we attract all the bad things too.

The Law of Attraction states that through your thoughts and beliefs, you can attract, like a magnet, things that you want. Your conscious mind is the decider, it decides what you want. You are reading this now and as you are, your conscious mind is processing it, deciding what parts it wants to believe. Your Subconscious mind is the initiator. Your subconscious mind is not only your most powerful asset, but it is also what connects you and your physical body with the rest of the universe.

Remember when we talked about The Law of Divine Oneness and we said that you are also a conscious spirit. This is proved by the fact that we are able to walk, talk and think, unlike a potato? Well, the subconscious mind is the corridor between your spiritual self and your physical self. It’s the place that holds all your beliefs, fears, ambitions and memories. It’s the place where we hide the darkest parts of ourselves, which as you can guess, is incredibly unhealthy. Our subconscious mind can sometimes be the wall that blocks us from connecting to our spiritual self, thus messing with The Law of Correspondence and throwing everything else out of sync. It is easy to attract the bad stuff when your own vibrational frequency is a match to those negative things.

The Law of Attraction can only work if both minds are in alignment. Let’s think about a bar magnet for a minute, you know one of those north and south ones, where one end is red and the other blue. Think about how, when you put the two blue sides together- it repels itself. However, when you line up the north and south sides, the red and blue, they pull towards each other, creating attraction. This is how the Law of Attraction works. The North and the South side of you need to be in alignment, in order for the attraction to work. Every single law is designed to work perfectly, alongside one another. The Law of Attraction cannot work alone. If you are in vibrational alignment with what you want and you understand how the laws work for you, then it is absolute, that you will attract all the things that you want. Thinking happy thoughts alone and making vision boards and repeating affirmations is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s the gift wrap on the outside. The wonderful surprise gift is what you will come to when you keep unwrapping.

The Law of Action is key to getting anything you want in life. You can be as positive as you want and have vision boards in every room of your house, but without action, they are nothing. The Law of Action states that we have to take action towards the things we want in order for them to manifest.

I had a vision board and on it was written: “Have a book published.” Now, I could sit and look at that board every day and hope that someone calls me out of nowhere and says, “Hey I want to publish something that you haven’t even written yet!” but let’s face it, that’s highly unlikely for any of us. Taking action means writing the book, looking at ways to get the book out into the world, small steps in the direction of your dreams. Self-publishing is so popular now and so easy to do, alas – I now have my first book published and available to everyone and I couldn’t be prouder of myself for achieving that. Chloe Gosiewski

Over the years, people have been selling the idea of Law of Attraction, alone and for the majority, it hasn’t been working. The teachers have been saying, “Think positive and attract the life you want.” And we have been helplessly trying to manifest what we want, on the basis that all we have to do is think of it and it will appear. Which of course, doesn’t work. The Law of Attraction is only one law, that works in sync with many others to create this incredible world that we live in. Once we think of what we want, that thought has already begun to manifest around us, as mentioned in the part about the Law of Vibration, energy is attracted to energy with the same vibrational frequency, so what you want is already there, trying to get to you.

Imagine a glass wall, it can see you and wants to be with you because like a magnet, it feels the energetic pull but it can’t get to you because either we are not in vibrational alignment with that of which we want or we are needing to take physical action towards the thing that we want, but mostly, the problem is both of those things.

We all have the ability to do anything that we want, but a lot of the time, we find excuses to not do something, mostly because of fear.

When we tell others they can also be the Master or Mistress of their own destiny, we find that a lot of the time the response is, it wouldn’t work for me or I can’t have that life. We are here to tell you that you can, sometimes you have to sacrifice something, usually something not serving you to gain something else.

Now you understand the Law of Vibration, you should understand this; two things of different vibrational frequencies cannot coincide together, so one of those things will need to move away from you, in order for the other to exist.

Remember the Law of Divine Oneness where we said about us all getting as much from this experience as we can? Well in order to gain experiences, we have to take action and move towards the things that help us to feel like we are fulfilling our life purpose.

The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every cause, there is a definite effect and for every effect, there is a definite cause. So, what does this actually mean? Let’s start with what cause is. Cause in this instance is the state of the energy behind the reason for taking action. Good intentions bring good results and bad intentions bring bad results. You have heard the saying, “you get back what you put out” and “you reap what you sow.” Well, these are just ways of saying that The Law of Cause and Effect are in play. The cause is the root of the thoughts and actions, it’s the intention that you project out into the world around you, whether you realise you are doing it or not.

Effect is, of course, the manifestation of that cause. It is the result of the intention that you gave out when you set the cause in motion. Still with us? Let’s take Karma for example, what goes around, comes around. Karma means that whatever you think, say and do, has an effect on your own immediate future, whether it be good or bad, that’s dependant on you. We are led to believe that other people are the reason for many things happening in our lives, which is not true; however, there is one case, where we aren’t to blame and that is how we are educated as children.

When we grow up in a world where our educators, our parents and teachers, are not even educated themselves, and I don’t mean academically, I mean spiritually. How are we supposed to know that The Law of Cause and Effect even exists? Let alone be aware that we could be potentially causing negative effects on our own lives! We cannot change what has been nor can control the world and people around us, but we can take charge of our own lives. You cannot control how someone else feels, about you, or anything else, you just can’t. But we still try.

We also think that someone else’s feelings and actions towards us is, who we are and how our life is to be. Again, they have no control over you and your life, whatsoever. When you feel like an external source is a reason for your happiness or unhappiness, what you are doing, is attracting that same energy, giving it cause and throwing it out into the universe and guess what, it’s going to come right back as something physical. You may think, well great, if I think that over there is the reason for my happiness, it’s going to come back to me as something wonderful. Fine, but as we have already discussed, this physical world that we live in is an ocean of motion, its energy, constantly vibrating and moving. We exist in time, everything has a start and an end. So, what happens when that something, that external reason for your happiness moves? You enter a new field, a new phase in time. How do you feel then? Probably sad. The Law of Cause and Effect is the way you control what happens to you.

The Law of Compensation. When you think of the word compensation, you would immediately think of some form of money or reward being given to you for some service owed to you. For example, you go to work and then at the end of the week or month, you are given an agreed amount of money for your time and efforts. The Law of Compensation is not about money as such, it is about being compensated for something, anything that you have given. Whether it be your time, kindness, money or help. We discussed above that with the Law of Cause and Effect, we get back what we put out and this law coincides with that one. The Law of Compensation states that we will always be rewarded for our efforts.

When I was in Nicaragua in 2017, I met a young German lad, who had been having problems drawing money from his bank account. The issue was being addressed back in Germany but for a few days, it meant he had no money. He was travelling alone and had no friends around him to offer some support in those days whilst he waited. He had already paid for his hostel in advance so, at the least, he did have a bed to sleep in. I saw the situation he was in and offered to buy him some food and a few beers so that he could get out of the hostel and at least enjoy his trip. He didn’t ask me for anything, but I was in a position to help him out and I most definitely wasn’t looking for anything in return. He was very appreciative of the help and even though, the sacrifice didn’t come at a great cost to me - to him, it was a big deal. A few days later, he had moved on and I was sat in a small bar in San Juan Del Sur. I was on my own, eating lunch. A Canadian lady and her son were sat opposite me and a young Australian couple were sat to my right. The venue was so small that even though we all sat at our separate tables, we could still have conversations with each other. It was nice, we all talked about where we had been and where we were going. The Canadian lady got up and went to pay her bill, she came back a few minutes later and told me and the Australian couple that she had just paid for our lunch and wished us all a safe a happy trip. Ladies and Gentlemen, that was The Law of Compensation at work. I was speechless at her kindness and extremely grateful for such a lovely gesture. Within days, my act of kindness had been compensated.

The Law of Compensation, like all other laws, reacts to the vibrational frequency you project, therefore you will be rewarded accordingly. If you happen to be unkind; in time, your compensation will, unfortunately, be that of the same vibrational frequency. The key is to be, who and what you want to attract.

If you want fun and kind people in your life, then be that fun and kind person. I know a guy who never does anything for anyone unless there is something for him to gain from it. He is always arguing with people and treats them cruelly. This man, at the same time, never has offers of support or wonderful things fall into his lap. He has now found himself with a woman who is the same as him, they fight and argue all the time, making each other completely miserable. Sound familiar? I mean, we all know people like him. This is again, another case of The Law of Compensation at work, but this time from the opposite end of the spectrum.

Be the change you want to see in YOUR world. Be the person you want around you. The Law of Compensation will always see to it that you are rewarded appropriately.

Written by Chloe Gosiewski

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