Rosemary Essential Oil

If you often feel sluggish and struggle with the ability to concentrate, Rosemary could be the essential oil for you!

However, if you have high blood pressure it’s best left alone as it does ramp up the metabolism.

Use sparingly in the bath or in a massage oil or cream as it can be irritating to the skin. So, if you would normally use 10 drops of essential oil in your bath, start with just 5 of Rosemary until you get a feel for it.

Generally, though, you should not be afraid of Rosemary. As with all essential oils, if you use it with care, it can do a great deal of good. Let’s look at some of the popular uses for Rosemary.

Concentration: Use up to 5 drops in a dish of water with your oil burner. If you are driving long distances or after a tiring day, try adding a couple of drops to a cotton wool pad in the front of your car, perhaps in an empty ashtray or open compartment. The warmth from your engine or heater will release the power of the essential oil into the air and you will inhale it, feeling fresh and alert. 

Please do not rely on it to keep you awake though. If you feel sleepy while driving, do pull over and rest.

The ancient Greeks and Romans discovered that using Rosemary strengthened the memory and so if you are studying for exams this could be helpful to you.

Mental energy: By inhaling the fresh, invigorating fragrance released by Rosemary essential oil, you will feel more alert and enthusiastic about tackling the mundane stresses of everyday life.

As well as using the oil in a burner, you can make a hand or foot cream or massage oil. 

Research suggests that Rosemary could be helpful in staving off the effects of dementia.

Haircare: Rosemary has long been used to help stimulate hair growth. People who suffer from patchy baldness may find that long term use of this oil corrects the problem. Make up a blend with a carrier oil and massage into the scalp. Leave on for five minutes before shampooing.

Insect repellent: Some organic gardeners recommend using a water spray containing rosemary oil on their crops to rid their fruit, vegetables, and flowers of garden pests. 

Low blood pressure: Rosemary stimulates the circulation so if you have low blood pressure, blend a few drops with some carrier oil (see the introduction to aromatherapy section) and use to massage the hands, feet or even the head, thereby making your hair shine into the bargain! Or use 5 - 10 drops in the bath. (Start with a lesser amount of drops and add up to 10 next time if you feel comfortable.)

Inflammation of the joints: Make up a blend with a carrier oil or cream and massage into swollen joints.

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