Puerto Escondido: The best of Mexico

Puerto Escondido is a resort on Mexico’s Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca. It’s known for its many beaches, expert-level surfing, laid-back community, and buzzing nightlife.

There is a lot going on here, but in a more authentic and relaxed way compared to more popular destinations in Mexico such as Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, or Puerto Vallarta, which tend to be very commercial and Americanised, which I am not saying is a bad thing, but if you're going to travel, then go for as close to authenticity as you can, it's worth it, I promise!

I should probably start with what brought me to Puerto Escondido because it wasn't on my 'imaginary itinerary in my head', in fact, I was on the opposite side of the country, 1000 miles away in Sayulita when I first heard about this place. I met a guy (jees, of course I did, it always starts with a guy!) and he told me all about this place down in Oaxaca with amazing beaches and sunsets and all this other cool stuff and I was like, that's in, I am following you down there, I'm in, let's be best friends. So I followed him down there and boy am I glad I did. It was my favourite place in Mexico and one place I would definitely visit again.

Learn to surf in Carrizalillo, Puerto Escondido, Mexico


There are many beautiful beaches along the coastline, each offering something different. Zicatela is the main resort, it has many bars and restaurants, shopping and hotels and the surf on this beach tends to attract pro surfers due to the temperamental break that produces some very big and very powerful waves.

This was pretty much where the parties happened. One of the things I really loved about being in Peurto Escondido, aside from the place itself, was the 'crew' I was hanging out with. It was just a great bunch of people and loved the time I spent there with them. We often found ourselves in Playa Kabbalah, a club-style bar on the beach dancing away to a combination of Latin-pop and Beyonce, drinking 2-4-1 cocktails on ladies' night. Living the dream, obviously.


This was actually the first place I stayed in Puerto Escondido. Prior to arriving in Oaxaca, I had a stopover in Mexico City for a few days, and whilst we were there, our hostel was filming a telenovela (a Mexican version of a soap opera) and so the bar area downstairs was closed off, meaning a bunch of us had been pushed up to the kitchen/balcony upstairs. Whilst crammed around a small patio table overlooking the Catedral Metropolitana de la Ciudad de México a group of strangers became friends and a few of the guys decided to spontaneously (and I mean, they literally sat at the table that evening and booked themselves on the same flight as us for the next day, legends) join us down there! We had booked ourselves into a hostel called Vivo Escondido, a super chilled out vibe, such a nice place to stay.

If you are a beginner and want to learn, then Carrizalillo Beach is the place for you. Popular with paddle boarding and surfing lessons, this beach is situated down 175 steps, and from the top, you can get some great pictures as the view is amazing.

La Punta

Another spot to check out (my favourite in PE) is La Punta, an undiscovered beach paradise, where no one wears shoes or shirts and the laid back way of life will literally absorb any stress from your body and leave you feeling completely relaxed. There are a few small sandy floored restaurants to choose from and a hostel literally on the beach, with beds outside, if you fancy sleeping on the beach under the stars! I stayed at Hostel Zapotecas, which I am not kidding when I say, is literally on the beach. You can sleep in a bed, hammock, a mattress outside under the stars, a tent, whatever. It's so chill and laid back that you probably won't want to leave! In fact, I kept having to ask Memo (the chief) if I could extend my stay because I didn't want to leave!

I can personally recommend a taco from Pepe’s, a cold beer, and a sunset on this beach. It really is ‘the good life’.

The fish tacos have rave reviews down in Puerto Escondido and the local buses and camionetas (public pickup trucks) run regularly and at a very cheap price.

Other amazing things to do here include releasing baby turtles into the ocean, swimming with wild dolphins off the coast, spend an afternoon lazing on the beach or pool with unlimited drinks and food at Coconuts Beach Club or check out one of the many other incredible beaches in the area.

I have no doubt that you will love it here!

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