Peppermint Essential Oil

Updated: May 6

If you’ve ever sucked a peppermint flavoured sweet, you’ll know how cool it makes your mouth feel and already, you will understand how essential oil of peppermint can help with certain conditions.

Migraines and tension headaches. The coolness of essential oil of peppermint can be a huge relief if you suffer from bad headaches. The best ways to use are by massaging a blend into the scalp or to inhale. Mix 3-5 drops with 10mls light carrier oil and gently massage into your scalp. Leave for at least a few minutes (longer if you wish) before shampooing out. You can also massage the blended oil into your hands or feet for a headache. If you don’t use all the blended oil, keep in a cool dark place until you need it again but remember that it will lose strength after a while so once mixed it’s best to use within a few weeks. For convenience, try using 3-5 drops in a dish of water over an oil burner. The refreshing aroma of the peppermint oil will fill the room, easing your throbbing head and clearing the nasal passages.

Mouthwash. 3-5 drops in a bottle of water make a lovely fresh mouth wash. Do not drink though!

Irritable bowel syndrome. Many people swear by peppermint for this purpose. Best mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into the abdomen. You could also use it in the bath but start with a lesser amount than other oils in case you find it irritating to the skin. We recommend beginning with up to five drops only.

Aching feet. Make your own foot treatment by mixing a few drops with basic light cream. When your feet are aching after a lot of walking in uncomfortable shoes, treat yourself to a foot massage. The cooling effect of the peppermint essential oil will make your feet tingle with freshness and take the aches away. Or you could use 3 drops of oil in a bowl of tepid water and give your feet a relaxing soak.

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