How travel can improve your mental health

Often times we can easily get consumed by our work life, constantly thinking that we need to keep up with everyone else on that daily grind, and actively being part of the hustle and bustle in our society. It does feel good to be secured financially, however it is also important to look after our emotional and mental well-being.

If you have ever felt stuck, tired or had that “I need a break” moment, then taking a breather from your daily grind and routine to jet off and explore new places can be the experience you need to rejuvenate, relax and recharge yourself. In this article we will talk about the 5 ways that travel can improve your mental health.

Travelling offers a change of scene

Sometimes, all we really need to reignite our lust for life is a simple change of scenery. While it may be okay for others, repeating the same routine daily can be boring for you and even make you feel mentally and physically confined. If you ever feel trapped at work, school or you’ve just had a tough breakup, then taking a break and jetting off to explore new places and new scenery can help improve your happiness level and revitalise your mind.

Stress relief

Stress in itself is not a mental health condition, howbeit, it’s often the starting point of most mental health issues. Stress from work, studies or hectic home life can have a substantial effect on our mental health. Taking a break from your daily routine and travelling is an effective way to clear your head, reduce your stress levels and escape the rat race for some time.

Taking a break from stress is good, because your heart rate drops, your mind gets empty and you just relax and go with the flow. You have total control over your activities and no one expects anything from you, you can decide to have breakfast at midday, go to a yoga class, meditate or spend the entire day lazing around by the pool.

Travelling offers you a chance of self-discovery

By travelling and exploring new places, we force ourselves out of our comfort zones, and as a result we try new things, meet new people, and get to feel and see things we have never experienced before, in this process we also discover things about ourselves; like hidden talents, passions and new hobbies.

Purpose and finding oneself is a big part of existence, so if you ever find yourself feeling lost and in search for ‘meaning’ or ‘purpose’, travelling the world is a great way to start your journey of self-discovery.

Improve our levels of happiness

It is scientifically proven that travelling can reduce depression, anxiety and significantly boost our happiness. A research by Cornell University in New York has shown that planning a trip and travelling can make us more happy than any material possession we obtain.

Also, when you are on the road travelling and exploring, your mind is relaxed, you think and worry less about the stress at work, school and home, you just focus more on having the time of your life, this can significantly improve happiness and overall mental health.

Therefore, if you ever find yourself in the Pursuit of Happyness, travelling is a great way to improve your level of happiness.

Boost your self confidence

When travelling solo, you will most likely encounter unexpected challenges. Whether it's missing your flight, not being able to communicate with the locals, or you may even get lost while exploring with no internet or Wifi connection to use your google map (tip: download to your phone in case this happens). However, you will always find a way to overcome these challenges, communicate with the locals in a universal language and find a solution to any obstacle you may face during your travels. After facing all these challenges you develop a new found sense of confidence, therefore you feel more confident to tackle other daily life problems.

When others share stories of their travels and adventures, we often wish that we can also travel like them and feel those experiences for ourselves. However, you’ll probably never go on that vacation or take that trip unless you eliminate the "should, could, would, maybe, might, but, well, umm, if" and actually do. I challenge you to reclaim your mental health, plan a trip, explore new locations, meet new people and try new things.

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