How to cut and colour your hair at home

The simple answer is... don’t.

Hairdressers have to undergo years of training to become qualified to do this job. They learn about chemicals, the science of hair and the art and technique to be able to cut, colour and style a person’s hair, correctly and without damaging it. After they have become qualified, their training does not stop. They continue to learn as the industry changes and a new ‘fashion’ is created. It is an ever-evolving craft that they dedicate their lives to, in order to ensure that the general public look and feel their absolute best.

Unfortunately, you are not able to learn these skills by watching a five-minute video tutorial, so no matter how desperate you may get, please avoid a home box dye and step away from the kitchen scissors! Hairdressers use scissors that are made specifically for cutting hair, using a pair you have at home will only cause damage to your hair and you will likely end up with a complete mess on your hands. A hairdresser will also use professional products which they have been trained to use, taking into consideration, your colour, hair type, skin sensitivity and to be able to identify which tones and colours you will need for your own unique hair.

Because this job is hands-on, these experts have had to shut up shop and stay at home like the rest of the nation, to help save lives and support our community and NHS. They love what they do and this is a heartbreaking time for them too. Here at One Way Journey, we know this is tough for you as a client, how will you manage to get through this isolation period without a trim and root touch up?

We are all having to make sacrifices right now, so our advice to you is to leave your hair alone and as soon as your salon is up and running again, you can book yourself in for an appointment. Most people can usually go between 6-12 weeks between appointments and right now, the isolation period is looking to be around 12 weeks, which in the grand scheme of things, the wait is worth it.

This time of isolation, if used correctly can be a great way to hit reset, reconnect with yourself and focus on what you want your future to look like. Scaling back on a manic lifestyle is a blessing in disguise, so we would like to encourage you to make good use of this time. Just like your body and mind, your hair could also benefit from a rest. It will make the next trip to the salon much more rewarding and your hairdresser will thank you for your patience.

Instead of attempting to colour or cut your own hair, why not use this time to give it some love and attention in the form of a mask or treatment? Hit the reset button and get into a new hair routine that your hair will love! You can check out our basic guide to a hair care routine here.

The dangers of using a box hair dye

Most women and some men will have had a home hair disaster at least once in their life. Remember the fear running through your veins as you stare at the mirror and realise what a terrible mistake you made, one you cannot fix by yourself? If you have not experienced this, then trust us, you do not want to, it is frightening! The salons are now closed which means if you do end up ruining your hair, you will not be able to get into a salon to get it rectified and when the time does come to finally get an appointment, you will end up paying a lot more to get it corrected. You can also run the risk of severely damaging your hair which can even result in hair loss. Then we have the unfortunate cases of an allergic reaction and right now, the NHS does not need any more pressure put upon them.

It is not our intention to scare you with this article, but we did want to make it clear to you that attempting to doctor your hair at home could end up causing you more issues in the long run and we really do not want that for you.

Why not contact your hairdresser and ask them to post some videos of ways you can style your hair at home, to help you through any tough days? I am sure they will love the challenge!

Stay home and care for your hair with love and conditioning.


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