How to create an inspirational travel vision board

It is the year 2020 and everything has gone to shit, there I said it. Your travel dreams have been squashed and the idea of your wanderlust desires actually coming to fruition seems so far out of reach. So what can we do to mentally prepare ourselves and keep our imagination and hopes burning like the 1666, Great Fire of London? Well, we create a travel vision board of course!

There is a good chance that the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having an overwhelming impact on your life, which may well cause you to feel anxious, worried, bored, lonely, or frustrated. In fact, you are probably feeling a huge range of emotions right now, and trust me, you're not alone. We need something to look forward to, something to get excited about. If the restrictions were lifted tomorrow, would you be ready? A vision board is used to bring your imagination into the physical so that you can clearly see what you want for your future. It shows you every day, what you are working towards. People use vision boards for all sorts of different things and travel is just one way.

What is a vision board?

If you are not already aware of what a vision board is and how incredibly powerful they are, then you are in for a real treat! The law of attraction states that what you think you become. A vision board is a visual attraction that helps you to concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal(s) and desires.

When we are creating a travel vision board, we simply take the ideas and long-lost dreams from our head (imagination) and lay them out on a board or piece of paper to help you to visualise your dreams.

Your board can be a collection of words, photos, and wanderlust colours and patterns that represent your deepest aspirations and desires. Itis purpose is to be your biggest source of inspiration and motivation.

How does a travel vision board work?

The idea is to build a collage of words and pictures that represent your goals and dreams. Looking at these each day will help to keep you focused and driven to reach your travel goals. Seeing your desires each day will help you to become more motivated, stimulating your emotions, which in turn will train your subconscious to accept new ways of life. Reality starts with your imagination, which gathers momentum and manifests into reality. Having something to visualise each today, helps you to hold that focus on what is it you really want, making getting it, easier!

New opportunities will come when you start shifting your mindset towards the things you really want and when you understand what it is you want, you can point yourself in that direction and new opportunities will present themselves, so be sure to look out for them, because they will be there! Check out this article I wrote on using the Law of Attraction to manifest a trip to Italy!

Use your imagination to create your travel goals

What will I need to make an inspirational travel vision board?

You will need a board! You can use a poster board, corkboard, a large piece of card or canvas, anything that feels right is right. You will want to have this board placed somewhere where you can see it every day, so if you are limited with space at home, buying a huge poster board may not be practical!

You will also need some inspiration, travel magazines, quotes, pictures - basically anything that you want to have in your life, any new ways of thinking, goals etc. You may want to draw your own pictures or write words in your own hand, it all works so try it all and stick with the ones that feel right to you.

What could your vision board look like?

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