Cesky Krumlov, a day trip from Prague

Just a three-hour bus ride from the exciting and very ‘artsy’ city of #Prague, you will find one of the Czech Republic’s most picturesque towns, Český Krumlov. You can easily take a bus or a train direct from Prague, however, the bus is much quicker. It took us nearly two hours on the road, but the train is estimated to be around an hour more in travel time. I took the early morning bus that arrived in Český Krumlov around 10 am, be sure to check the bus schedule when planning your own trip as the departure and return times may differ from the ones I used. I arrived at the bus station and followed the signs to the town centre. I was being pointed along a pathway, through some luscious green trees. As I reached the opening, I could see the town in all its glory.

I was standing on a hill, overlooking what I can only describe as an image straight from a postcard. The delicious mixture of colourful renaissance, gothic and baroque buildings and the sea of terracotta roof tiles reminded me of Kings Landing from the Game of Thrones, only better.

The Vltava

“The sky's inclemency stirs up the angry winds; the watery clouds are soaking with ceaseless rain. The turbulent Vltava, swollen with rainy waves, bursting, impetuous, breaks through its river banks.”Elizabeth Jane Weston

The river Vltava runs around the town, almost as though it is trying to protect the locals from the outside world. On a sunny day, you are sure to see people in boats and kayaks, slowly cruising along the water, soaking up the abundance of beauty and peace that Český Krumlov offers. I walked along the cobbled streets, feeling thankful for not choosing to wear high heels and also for being able to see and experience this wonderful place for myself. It felt like I had been thrown back into medieval times.

The streets were not bursting with people as I had expected and with so many little street cafes to choose from, I was truly spoilt for choice. Český Krumlov is the kind of town that you enjoy getting lost in. Even though it is small and to walk from one end to another would only take around 20 minutes, there is a maze of narrow lanes for you to wander down and each street offers something for you, whether it be a bar or restaurant or maybe a museum or gift shop; there is something for all.

“I spent such a long time, just meandering through the cobbled streets, feeling in awe of my surroundings.”

Be inspired

Český Krumlov has a gorgeous park that sits by the river. I spent some time walking around and even sat for a while and did some writing. I felt so inspired that I started working on the sequel to Fairytales, the book I self-published in 2017! It must have been the clean, fresh air, and pretty views around me that had me so motivated. The town has a large castle, in fact, it is the second-largest castle in Czech, after Hradcany in Prague.

The grounds are open to everyone and the pretty gardens and central fountain seemed to be a popular place for tourists to hang out.

This town is full of history and culture and as with most places in the Czech Republic, the food and drink are pretty cheap and in my traveled opinion, absolutely delicious. The people are very friendly and most locals speak English, which was very helpful considering I only knew three and a half words in Czech (I say half because it is hit and miss whether ‘thank you’ which is, Děkuju comes out correctly.) Most businesses will accept Euros as well as Czech Korona and the town has a few ATMs machines, should you need to use one. I felt safe and welcome here and have every intention of returning again one day, real soon!

In my opinion, if you have enough time, then I do recommend that you visit this charming town, either for a day trip or even an overnight stay! I will without a doubt return and spend the evening one day because it just had such a magical and tranquil feel throughout the day and it gave me such a wonderful feeling about what an evening would be like.

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