Basil Essential Oil

We all love using Basil as a herb in cooking. What would Italian food be without it? But did you know that Basil can be used for much more than making delicious food?

Basil essential oil has many uses and here are some of them:

Commonly used in the manufacture of cosmetics and skincare preparations, Basil is known to enhance the lustre of dull skin and hair. It is widely used in preparations for the treatment of acne and skin infections. You can use it as a skin tonic by mixing 2-3 drops in a 100 ml bottle of pure water and dab onto the skin using a reusable cotton pad.

Use to treat constipation indigestion and stomach cramps by mixing with a carrier oil and massaging into the abdomen or add 5-10 drops to your bathwater, agitating well.

For relief of asthma and coughs and blocked sinuses, add 3-5 drops to an oil burner or add to a carrier oil to massage into the chest and back.

Bathe infections and wounds in a dilution of Basil.

Some people find Basil good for migraine relief and for nervous tension. Its refreshing aroma clears the head and strengthens mental clarity.

Basil improves blood circulation and increases metabolism. For this reason, it may not advisable for use by high blood pressure sufferers.

Pain relief is another benefit of Basil oil. Blended with a carrier oils and massaged into the afflicted part of the body it eases aches caused by arthritis, sports injuries, sprains and headaches.

A dab on a tissue can be a useful item to carry when travelling if you suffer from travel sickness. When feeling nauseous at home put a few drops in an oil burner.

Some oils that blend particularly well with Basil are: Bergamot, Clary sage, Lime, Lemon Geranium, Juniper, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Marjoram, Rosemary and Melissa

Not advised for use by pregnant or nursing women or small children.

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