A town called Tequila: The best of Mexico

Tequila is a town in the western state of Jalisco, Mexico. Over the years, I have been a big fan of the lethal spirit but I had no idea that it was named after the town where it is produced!

I took a flight from Mexico City to Guadalajara, and I booked to stay at a hostel called Hostel Guadalajara Tequila which I believe is now permanently closed? Which is a shame because it was a lovely place to stay, the staff were really kind and there was a banging pizza restaurant down the road. Well, everyone else's down the road, I actually got lost and was out walking for ages. I was mortified at my own stupidity when I realised it was literally on the same road as my hostel and I had walked off into completely different neighbourhoods.

Nevermind, that's kinda the point of travel, you get lost and discover cool places! I also met a guy called Guy in this hostel, who I went on to randomly bump into on a street in Sayulita and ended up travelling to Mexico City and Puerto Escondido with, so it makes me sad to think no more bonds will be made there. This is the great thing about hostels, they are hubs for meeting amazing people who will have a huge impact on your self-growth and personal development.

Anyway, the hostel was advertising different tours and one of them happened to be Tequila and I thought, this sounds very Mexican, I’m in!

I was expecting the town of Tequila to be this dusty old deserted town but I was seriously mistaken. Tequila is beautiful and because I tend to travel quite blindly (meaning I don’t over-research everything and just let opportunities come to me), I am always pleasantly surprised by what I find.

I did the Mundo Cuervo tour, which was really fun and as predicted, when I walked out, I was absolutely smashed.

Expectations. They take the real joy out of an experience, so let go of the outcome and let life happen the way it’s meant to.

Evidently, they now do a Mundo Cuervo Express Train tour which looks really fun. If I ever return to Mexico, I will be sure to give it a try!

Included in the tour was:

  • A visit to the agave fields with an expert jimador.

  • Guided tour of La Rojeña®, the flagship distillery of Cuervo®.

  • Guided tour of the Reserva de la Familia® cellar, with tasting straight from the barrel.

  • Professional tasting in the expert tequila tasting rooms.

  • Guided tour of the Los Limoneros garden.

  • At the end of your tour enjoy Mexican snacks.

As mentioned previously, I left the tour so drunk. I had to go and sit on a park bench and concentrate so hard on trying to sober up. I got my phone out to look at the time and instead looked at the date. I put my phone back in my pocket and thought... Wednesday 1st March, so what day does the driver get here to take me back?

Wait a minute, that's not the time!

That evening when I looked through my pictures on my phone, I saw the last ones I took were of a blackbird in a cage from about 50 different (terribly aimed) angles and I still have no idea why.

I nearly threw up on the bar after the final shot. The whole thing just reminded me of bad choices. But it was very interesting and so much fun! Luckily for me, I had the leftover pizza waiting for me on the bus, which was a God sent on the ride home!

Check out the vlog here!

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