5 Reasons why travelling can help your career

It may appear counter productive to take a career break to travel in order to develop your career further but in this article, I would like to share with you the reasons why travelling can help your progression within the professional world, especially if you are in a position where you feel stuck, exhausted or unfulfilled with your current role.

Should I travel or focus on my career? I often hear my clients and people I know talk about travel and career as two options to choose from like there is no possibility for the two to co-exist together. This closed mindset prevents us from being able to draw strengths from each and combine the two in order to reach new depths within our personal and professional development.

Here are five reasons why travel can help with your career

1. It promotes bravery and courage

It takes courage to leave behind everything that you feel comfortable and safe with. As a traveller, you learn that in order to make new discoveries and improvements, you need to have the courage to take a leap of faith: to take a chance on a new idea and to trust yourself to give that idea your best effort in order to survive and thrive. This particular personality trait can help you to move forward towards a meaningful career and allow you to stand out from the crowd as a leader and a team player.

2. You become a problem solver

When you are out in a big, unfamiliar world, alone and without the security of everything you know and understand, challenging situations are bound to become part of the norm. Learning how to make things work, to find the answers to problems or to communicate with other people. You learn how to overcome language and cultural barriers, which helps you to see situations and outcomes in a new way. This adds value to any career and also builds an unwavering self-confidence within you.

3.Cooperation and collaboration

Whilst you have the courage to set out to achieve a goal alone, as a traveller, you soon discover the importance of building a network of support. Teamwork becomes a way of life for passing strangers who know that sharing skills and knowledge is the way to get things done. You’ll meet international professionals, with different backgrounds, skills and different goals and futures. You never know, further down the line, you could end up in the same industry, or even the same role. Networking is an important part of business and it just so happens, travel is an excellent way to network!

4. Understanding and respect for other cultures

Most of us look forward to our two weeks of annual holiday with sun, sea and sand in a comfortable hotel where we just want to relax, eat in nice restaurants and enjoy some organised evening entertainment. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. However, as a serious traveller, one who has taken the power into their own hands, you seek out locations off the beaten tourist path and have a desire to discover a different way of life, perhaps learning new languages along the way and most certainly acquiring a tolerance or even admiration for those who think and do things differently. Being able to empathise and relate to others is a sure fire way to develop your professional skills along your career path. Those who have the ability to communicate and collaborate with others, also have the ability to achieve remarkable results and create great things with organisations.

5. Be inspired

When you have a dream of exploring the world and have the pluck to broaden your horizons through travel, you probably believe in the almost impossible. Every great inventor, explorer or entrepreneur dreamed up ideas that people thought were crazy. The world, every community and every business needs people who believe in making dreams come true - people who set out to achieve their goals. When you travel with intent, you go on an incredible journey of self-discovery which is like plugging your inspiration and creativity into a source of electricity. It is true that life can consume us in ways we never anticipated and our imagination and intuition can dwindle, but travel can revitalise those parts of us and help us to get back on track with our life purpose and career goals.

You see, it shouldn’t be a question of whether you should travel or focus on your career, instead, we should be asking how travel can help me with my career. In order to understand this, you need to identify your motivations for travel and get clear on what your desired outcomes are. Then, create a plan based on where you want to go and what you want to do with your objectives in mind.

Working with a travel coach will help you to define these areas and in addition, they help you to face any fears and concerns, teaching you ways in which you can manage them as and when they show up. They will be able to help you create a travel based plan that allows you to travel safely and confidently.

Why not discuss a sabbatical with your employer or speak with a travel coach about the different options around travelling to develop your career?

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