Amazing Benefits of Daily Meditation

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Hannah Ervin

Meditation Practitioner

Hannah is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and an estabilshed trainer. She has worked with many clients over the years, using ancient healing techniques and practical ways of thinking to help them improve their healing and wellness.


Chloe Gosiewski

Meditation Practitioner

Chloe is a Lifestyle Coach, Happiness Practitioner and Meditation Teacher. She began incorporating a daily practice of Meditation back in 2016 and now she creates bespoke meditations for her coaching clients as part of her 4-week wellness programs. 

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Meditation has so many positive effects on our lives and meditating for even just ten minutes a day can have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing. 


Did you know?


  • Written evidence of any form of meditation was first seen in the Vedas around 1500 BCE. 


  • The English word “meditation” stems from meditatum, a Latin term meaning “to ponder.” 


  • No one knows for absolute certain when meditation officially started. There are many references across different cultures and religions – including Judaism, Islam, and Christianity! Each mention meditative-like practices, which seem to have contributed to the practice known widely today.


  • During meditation, theta waves were most abundant in the frontal and middle parts of the brain!


  • The more you build your understanding and knowledge of meditation and ways of practising it, the more likely it is you’ll find a version that works for you!


  • A body scan meditation can help you learn to identify what you are feeling and where you're feeling it, learning to release the stress in your body and mind!



During mantra meditation, you repeat a sound or phrase again and again. This can be done out-loud (chanting) or silently in your mind. Using a mantra while you’re meditating helps stamp out the thoughts and distractions that arise and giving you a tool to use in any situation, on any day!


Repeating a mantra during a stressful time can help to keep you feeling relaxed and better deal with whatever the crisis of the moment is.

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