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Many of us find ourselves stuck in rut, feeling like there is more to life than just waking up each day and existing.

What is a Life Coach?


You may hear lots of different explanations of what a life coach is, what they do and why you should hire one, some common descriptions are:


A life coach...


  • can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be!

  • is someone that empowers others.

  • helps you to identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them.

  • helps clients to take control in areas such as relationships, careers and confidence.


Sounds cool right? I mean, we can all do with feeling empowered and taking control of the most important areas of our lives, but why do you need to hire a person to come into your life and help you with this? Surely we can do it ourselves, or maybe just read one of the trillion self-help books out in circulation?


If you think that you can help yourself then, fab! That my friends is the ideal way. Being able to pick yourself up, redirect your life path and create the dream life you’ve always wanted. And here’s the thing, we can all do it, you, me, your mates, your kids, all of us, but… not all of us know ‘how’. Well, that is until someone shows us! 


A life coach has two things that make them a life coach. The first is their training, which will usually cover things like basic counselling, CBT and NLP. They are trained in methods that breakdown how to set and achieve goals. The training is where the coach learns about the important aspects of change and understanding basic human needs and patterns, which they then teach to you.


The second thing that makes them a life coach is their personality. This is something that can’t be taught or brought. Coaches are people who are born to help others, they have great communication skills and love people! They are drawn to this line of work, in the same way that a footballer is drawn to a ball. 


Why should you hire a Life Coach?


Well, why should you go to a hairdresser and not cut your hair by yourself? Why should you get a gas engineer to check your boiler, instead of your mate who has absolutely no experience or knowledge? It’s the same thing. 


You are important - your life and the quality of it and it should be something that you invest heavily in. 


A few questions for you:


  • What is your purpose in life? 

  • Are you happy right now?

  • Do you want to further your career/business?

  • Do you have fulfilling relationships around you?

  • Are you the best version of you, that you can be?

  • Do you feel confident?


Before you look into whether a Life Coach is what you need, think about the questions above. Can you answer them and more importantly, do you like your answer?


Chloe Gosiewski - Lifestyle Coach




  • Advanced Diploma in Life Skills

  • Master NLP Practitioner

  • Psychology of Happiness - level 1

  • Positive Psychology Diploma

  • Meditation Practitioner

  • Marketing Psychology certification

  • MHFA - Mental Health First Aider


Our sessions are collaborative, thought-provoking and action-based. I help my clients to improve their lifestyle in many different ways, by increasing their self-awareness and exploring what's important to them. My clients find they are in a better position to make informed decisions about what they want from their lives and what their ideal life looks like. I have been on a mission to explore what the true meaning of happiness is and how I and my clients can bring more of it into our lives. 


My biggest passions in life are travel and dogs and I am a very creative and highly intuitive coach. 


My biggest weakness is ironing. I have many talents but ironing is not one of them. 

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