Goal Setting

What is an intention?


An intention is a seed that you create within your own mind, in the present moment. It is born from your thoughts and feelings. Everything that occurs in this life began with an intention. When you set an intention, you are ultimately constructing the pathway for your future. 


What is a goal?


A goal is the desired result of an intention. 


What is your intention right now, What is it that you want to gain from this course? 

Time for a task!


Please spend a minimum of 10 minutes right now thinking about your intentions. Write them down, either in a notebook, piece of paper, or you can use the learning book instead. Get those intentions on paper, bring them out of your mind and into reality. 


For example:

  • I want to feel happy. 

  • I want to be free.

  • I want to have a purpose and to feel excited about life.

  • To be creative.

  • Feel joy.

  • Be happy without reason.

  • See the world.

  • Meet new people.

  • Understand me and the world around me.

  • Feel confident!

  • Love myself.


You get the jist. These are your own intentions so spend some time really connecting with your feelings and emotions. You will know what you want and need, all you need to do is allow yourself the time and space to let those answers come through. 


You are an incredible force and you have an inner intuition that can guide you and give you all the answers that you seek. It may sound silly, but it is true. You have a power within you that can literally change your life and now it is time to start learning how to use it. 

Great! So now you have your intentions, it’s time to turn those desires into actionable goals. What do you want to achieve over the next few months to a year? 


Managing your goals.


If you have a BIG goal, then that is great! But sometimes looking at something that seems so large can feel scary and unachievable. In this instance, what we want to do is break down the goal into smaller slices. This way, the goal becomes more manageable and you will be able to work through it much easier, whilst being able to see how well you are doing. 


On paper, break down aspects of your goal in order of achievement. A really useful way to do this is to look at the goal itself and work backwards in a timeline. What steps brought you to that point in the future? Check out the image below for some inspiration.






If you feel like you would like a one to one session with me to help you with this, then you can book it below. Please note a private one 2 one session is not included in the course price and will need to be charged at an additional cost.


If you have smaller goals, then fantastic! Put them in order of achievement. The last thing you want to do is have so many goals that you become overwhelmed. Remember, once you reach one goal, you can swiftly move onto the next! 


The thing to remember when working towards your goals is making sure to have a step by step plan on how to get there. Picture it like a map to a destination. You know where you want to go, so you look at the map and work out the best way to get there. Once you select your route, you follow it until you reach where you wanted to go. Your plan is your map. Stick to it as much as you can. You may need to make detours and change the route slightly but stay focused on where the journey is due to end. 


Connect your intention with the goal.


Once you have your intentions and your goals laid out in front of you, it’s time to bring the two into unison. We do this through something called visualisation.

Please note, the success of visualisation is dependent on repetition, so be sure to make this a regular part of your routine as you work towards your goals!

Find a comfortable place to sit or lay. Try and find a spot where you will not be interrupted. This is your time and YOUR future. Make time for yourself as a priority. When you’re relaxed, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Now imagine yourself in the future. You have reached your goal, it is your reality. Think about what steps brought you to that point in the future. What does it look like? Take note of your surroundings, colours, the people. Now, what does it feel like? Really connect yourself to those empowering feelings.


Repeat this exercise 3 times a week. This is an important step because what you are doing is you are familiarising your current state of mind with your potential future. Your subconscious mind likes to attract what it already knows. Your subconscious is also the main culprit of psychological blocks, so by introducing the goal to it now, will help it to accept them.