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"land of many trees"


Capital - Guatemala City

Language - Spanish

Currency - Guatemalan quetzal

History Originally inhabited by the Mayans, since around 9000 BC. The Maya temple at Tikal was built over 1,300 years ago as a tomb to honor the Maya ruler, Ah Cacaw. In the 16th century, the Spanish invaded and in 1821, Guatemala claimed independence from Spain.

Famous for - volcanic landscape, Mayan culture, Pepian, Coffee, Tikal, Chichicastenango Market.

Southern Guatemala is known predominantly for its volcanos and mountains, which tourists love to hike. As you further north, you will find yourself amidst the Guatemala jungle, and deep within its lush green rainforest, you will find Semuc Champey.  

The capital city is Guatemala City, but a more authentic and incredibly hospitable city close by is Antigua. Surrounded by volcanoes in the southern Guatemala region, it’s renowned for its Spanish colonial buildings and cobblestone streets.

If you are looking for a relaxing, but equally exciting trip, then visit Lake Atitlán, it is a body of water in a massive volcanic crater in Guatemala’s southwestern highlands. There are many places to visit or stay along the edges of the lake; San Pedro, San Marcos, Santa Cruz, Panajachel, San Juan, and a few others. Depending on what you want, will determine the best place to stay. 

In the northern region, you will find Flores, the home of the UNESCO site Tikal. Also up in this region is Lago de Izabal, Guatemala's largest lake, and the Rio Dulce.

Guatemala is also home to the largest market in Central America, Chichicastenango Market. Located northwest of Guatemala City, not too far from Lake Atitlán.

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