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Emily Brackett

Hands down, the best decision I ever made was to take a solo trip!

As a woman from the U.S., I don't have a lot of women peers who have done the solo travel thing. Sure, they traveled the world with friends or they have studied abroad in college, but not very many packs a bag and go solo domestically or internationally.

So for me, backpacking Southeast Asia for two months on my own was going to be a true personal challenge. It then became the most invigorating and life-changing thing I've ever done! It gave me the confidence to be myself. It showed me that I can trust my instincts and problem solve on my own.


Finally, it taught me that there are some amazing people all over the world and people will help you (or party with you) if you just open up and say HELLO! After I traveled solo once, I was fearless and took a few more trips on my own. Meeting new friends everywhere I went and experiencing new cultures that excited me to my core. It really was the best way to truly find myself.

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Travel Coaching

with Chloe Gosiewski

MAC, MFHA, S.A.C Dip. Life Coaching

I work with women who are wanting to have incredible life changing experiences through solo travel. I combine my life coaching and NLP skills with my experience and knowledge of travel to create a completely bespoke coaching service to my female clients. I help my ladies by challenging the way they currently think and helping them to build their confidence and communication skills. 

Each woman requires something different from life, which means your way of receiving travel coaching needs to be flexible and suited to you as an individual. Whilst some may want fast results, others may prefer to take their time to really process their journey. Many may find they are drawn to a community, whilst another may want a one to one session with their coach. It doesn't matter which one you are, all that matters is that you find what is right for you. 

Take a look at the programs below and if you can't find what you are looking for then send me an email. If I cannot help you, then don't worry, I will help you to find someone who can!

I welcome all new clients to book in for a free exploration call to find out if travel coaching with me is right for you. This call is 30 minutes, during which we will discuss your needs and how I work. If at the end of the call you would like to proceed then we can go ahead and get the first session booked in; if not, no problem! I will try my best to point you in the right direction of someone who could suit your needs better! 

Travel changed the entire course of my life, for the absolute better!

My first solo trip was Central America, I backpacked Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and Colombia across six amazing months! I had such an incredible experience, that opened up a whole new world to me. I made friends with people from all around the world, learned about new cultures and more than anything, I learned so much about me. It was one of the biggest and scariest things I had done, but without a doubt, the best leap I had ever taken. I am no exception, anyone can experience this, even you!

1. Life and travel program ongoing

Suitable for women who are interested in travel in the future but are keen to focus right now on making positive changes in their lives, building confidence and improving their state of mind.


As and when ready, we can begin focusing on the preparation and planning of their trip. Boosting confidence and forming a coherent, safe and ethical plan! 


I would usually recommend between 4-12 sessions, depending on each person and what level of results they are looking to gain from their time with me. The duration is flexible and we will consistently review how things are going to see if any changes need to be made. 

£45  per hour session

2. All-inc travel coaching Program

Suitable women who are interested in a fully comprehensive program that takes you from the planning stages, right through to Life After Travel coaching when you come home. 


1 x 90-minute initial session - We will use this time to identify any fears or concerns, weaknesses, and strengths and begin to bring your vision and goals out into the world. We will then create your travel plan! This session is a deep and transformational process where you will learn valuable skills and tools that will help you to move forward into a place of positive empowerment. 

2 x 30-minute 'champion' calls prior to your trip. This is where you can sound out any concerns and it will give you that motivational boost to keep pushing forward.

Ongoing message support from Chloe throughout your trip, just in case you have a 'wobble' or want to shout out about all the cool stuff you have done and seen! 

1 x 90 minute 'Life After Travel' session - this is where we look at what comes next for you and I help you to plan and adjust to life upon your return. 


3. Group travel coaching Program

Suitable for people who want to socialise with likeminded people whilst actively participating in travel coaching. 


Group coaching is social, fun and transformational! The group will meet for an 1.5 hours, once per week via a zoom meeting and each program runs for a total of 4 weeks.

Minimum group size 4, maximum 8.

What will be covered?

Week 1

  • Introduction

  • Goal setting

  • Confidence

Week 2 

  • Overcoming fears

  • Safety when travelling

  • Budgeting abroad

Week 3

  • The trip

  • Planning

  • Booking

  • Hacks and Apps

  • What to pack

  • Banks

  • Insurance

  • Health and vaccines

Week 4 

Guest speaker and a chance for you to share your trip plans with the group! Who knows you may make a friend on the program and plan an adventure together! 

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