Digital Travel Coaching

Digital Travel Coaching is an exciting new generation of online service that combines the best of coaching, cognitive behavioural intervention and travel expertise in one easy to access place. 

These programs are effective in cultivating change, sharing travel-based knowledge and helping with personal development at a scalable and affordable price, allowing you the flexibility to access the material at your own pace. 

Be Travel Confident  - £149

This is an eight session, digital coaching program that focuses on developing a positive travel mindset, boosting self confidence and providing you with practical information around hacks, safety and how to get started with international travel. 

Coaching objectives for this program

  • The coachee will have a clear understanding of what goals and intentions are and will begin setting their own actionable goals.

  • They will learn what gratitude is from a psychological stance and how it benefits their quality of life.

  • Coachee will become more confident and be able to start overcoming fears. 

  • Learn self-hypnosis and visualisation techniques.

  • They will receive guidance around saving for travel and budgeting abroad. 

  • This program walks through the planning and booking stages of travel, with added hacks, tips and safety advice.


I have just finished Chloe Gosiewski's course on her website '' and have been totally inspired to take some time out and travel on my own. The course really delves into what you want to do with your life and how to make it happen. 


She asks challenging questions about yourself like what makes you happy, what are your intentions and what do you want to achieve? As I moved through the course I developed more understanding about myself and what I wanted... and importantly, where I wanted to go. As I finished the last session I was just so inspired and excited, I couldn't wait to get myself booked onto a flight and off to the South of France on my own! 

D Hursey, Hampshire UK - June 2021


Meet The Travel Coach

Chloe Gosiewski Travel Coach

Chloe Gosiewski MAC, MFHA, S.A.C Dip. Life Coaching

Personal Development and Travel Coach

Founder of One Way Journey

Hello, and a warm welcome. I’m Chloe and I am a qualified Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Psychology and Meditation Practitioner working with people who are looking to improve their mental and emotional health, and to achieve specific goals or results in order to feel better and attract abundance.

I predominantly focus on personal development and self-discovery through travel experiences, although my training and experience means that I am able to help with a variety of life's challenges, and the coaching model that I use can be successfully applied to various areas of your life.

Using a combination of powerful questioning, cognitive behavioural intervention,  the psychology of happiness and positivity and grounding techniques, I help my clients to identify their personal values, life mission and vision and create transformation travel experiences with intent.

  • Be Travel Confident

    Digital Travel Coaching
    Valid for 6 months
    • 8 Digital Travel Coaching Sessions with Chloe Gosiewski
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