The Czech Republic - Czechia


Capital - Prague

Language - Czech

Currency - Czech koruna (although Euros are accepted in some places).

History First inhabited by the Celts back in 500 BC, the Czech Republic has a long and interesting past. In the 14th century, for a time Prague became the seat of what was known then as the Holy Roman Empire, under Emperor Charles IV (Karel IV; r 1346–78).

Famous for - Castles, Beer, Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, Stag do's, Sigmund Freud, Christmas markets, Trdelník and Baroque and Gothic Architecture.

The Czech Republic is located in central Europe and has one of the best and most diverse ex-pat communities in Europe. Unsurprising as the country is renowned for its quality beer, lively arts scene, interesting architecture, stunning landscapes, welcoming atmosphere and my personal favourite, the wine from the Moravia region.

The capital city of Prague is a fantastic city, offering so much to its visitors, from buzzing nightlife to a rich culture and pretty much everything else in between. Outside of Prague, there are so many amazing places to see and things to do.

Czechia also borders Poland, Slovakia Austria and Germany, which means you can easily move around fro here into other European countries. 


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