Aug 7, 2018

What do I pack?


Edited: Nov 8

What's in your backpack? Got any tips to share with the community? You can use this post to ask questions about getting ready to go travelling!






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  • Need some help? Share your questions and concerns with the community, we're all in this together so don't be shy. An online course is much different from learning in a classroom. You're able to raise your hand and ask a question like you could in the 'traditional setting', so please post any questions here. In the real world, we all teach and learn from each other, so join in! No question is too silly, so be kind to each other!
  • What are you afraid of? It's good to talk about your fears. Everyone is scared of something and the best way to get over fear is to understand more about it. Sharing your fears with the community will help you to understand them better and you may also start to realise that you're not alone in the way you are feeling! It's good to feel apart of something and together we can encourage strength!

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