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Be Travel Confident

This program has been designed to help you to find your unique key to unlock your purpose and feel confident to travel and explore this world. Let's get started!

Digital Travel Coaching Sessions with Chloe Gosiewski

  • Session One

    Let's start back at the basics. The pursuit of happiness is the commonality between all humans. We all want to feel that sense of happy. But, more than this - it is the starting point for life itself....

  • Session Two

    In this session, we will work on setting intentions and goals. We will also go through the key steps of creating your own personal development plan to help you to hold yourself accountable in reaching your goals.

  • Session Three

    Confidence plays a big part in how we see ourselves in the world and of course when we are confident we feel ready and motivated to move towards new experiences and opportunities so we get ready for travel!

  • Session Four

    Session four will take us through why gratitude, from a psychological stance, is so important in helping us to reshape our future and enable us to stand in a strong and empowered place to allow us to travel confidently.

  • Session Five

    This session focuses on meditation and mindfulness. In order to take full control of your life, first you need to practice quieting and regaining the power over your mind. This session introduces you to the tools to influence this.

  • Session Six

    To be able to conquer fear, first, we need to look at what fear really is. In session six, we explore your subconscious mind and start looking at ways to use self-hypnosis and visualisation techniques to overcome fears you may have regarding travel.

  • Session Seven

    It is time to jump into to planning the trip! In this session we will cover preparing yourself with a confident mindset, identifying your travel goals and guidance around saving for travel and budgeting abroad. This is where we start building the trip of a lifetime!

  • Session Eight

    In our final session of this digital travel coaching program, we are going to take a look at booking flights and accommodation, what to pack and consider when getting ready for travel and finish up with the all important travel hacks and apps!

Important Information on Safety

Final Points

In this video, I would like to finish up with a few final points!