As you are aware, travel will have changed you. You can’t really explain it, it has no words (well, none that a ‘non-traveller’ would ever understand anyway) but you are not the same person that waved goodbye to your friends and family, as you boarded the plane.


For most of you, you will have returned to the exact same life that you left behind. Very little will have changed, perhaps someone got a new job or maybe a new partner, but on the whole, not much will be different.


You, however, you are different. The time you spent away was filled with new friends, new places, new cultures and more than likely new obstacles that you needed to face without the cushion of home to support you.


You will have returned home with a catalogue of amazing stories, unforgettable memories and a new awareness of the world we live in. 


For most of us, the return home can trigger some unwanted feelings and simply slotting back into your old life just isn't good enough! 


So what do you do next?


Coming home can be tough and trying to figure out what to do next may leave you feeling confused and stressed. But what if I told you that the end of this trip could be the start of a new adventure? That you could build a new and exciting life that excites you the way travel did?


If you feel stagnant and want a new challenge, one that doesn't involve being haunted by the travel blues each day, then get in touch! 

My name is Chloe Gosiewski, and as well as being a life and travel enthusiast, I am also a Life Coach, Mental Health First Aider and Writer. 

After struggling to find my own thing, I now dedicate most of my time helping other people find theirs.

Get in touch today for a quick chat to see if I can be of help to you!



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