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Life After Travel

Working with a coach after Travel

If you have been travelling and are now finding yourself in limbo with what to do next (let's face it, you can never go back to living how you did pre-travel, you've changed too much - square peg, round hole and all that), or maybe you are battling with procrastination and need a bit of help to overcome it, I can help you. 

I'm Chloe Gosiewski, pronounced Gosh-Es-Ski and I am a solo female traveller and digital nomad, qualified life coach and member of the Association for Coaching, specialising in the unique and highly transformational combination of Travel and Personal Development. 

A one-off session with me is charged at £150 or you can take advantage of a saving by booking one of the set programs below.

  1. Life after travel coaching program (figure out what is next for you) - £280

  2. Business after travel (business and marketing coaching to get you started) - £450

  3. Personal development planning session (create your blueprint to success) - £160 (includes a personal development kit sent to your home).

  4. Remote working retreat preparation program (get organised and focused with these coaching session) - £440 (includes a personal development kit sent to your home).

  5. Mental health travel (these are bespoke programs, please contact me to discuss your situation and quotation.)

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