What is a Travel Coach?

A life coach is someone who helps you to identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. They challenge the way you think, whilst allowing you the space to find your own answers. 

A Travel Coach is all that, but with the added bonus of being an experienced traveller with knowledge of the travel and tourism industry.


We are not consultants or agents. We don't sell you a holiday or give you an itinerary, instead, we help you to find the best places and create your own dream experiences, build confidence and offer support.

A Travel Coach exists to empower any individual who has a passion for travel, whether that be a person working in the travel and tourism industry, or someone who has had a life-long dream to see the world!

This is what travel is to One Way Journey


Healing Yourself

Travel acts as a way to develop better cognitive and emotional skills, improving communication both with yourself and others. It helps to cope with various mental and emotional challenges.


The Power of Now

Your perception of life changes. The way you see yourself in this world and your ability to handle difficult situations improves. You become fully conscious and present in the Now.


Learning and Growing

Travelling is an enlightening experience. You gain skills and knowledge that enable you to grow and thrive in the life that you want. You understand cultures and languages, people skills and so much more.


For Everyone

It leaves you with a deep feeling of admiration for the planet, other people, animals and for yourself. This level of respect gained throughout your journey ultimately leads to you wanting to actively make the world a better place for everyone.


Create and Design

Travellers have the ability to think and plan for the future with imagination and wisdom. They are able to create and build new ways of living for both themselves and others. Travel breeds inspiration and creativity.


Unconditional Kindness

You will inevitably experience things, meet people who and learn about ways of living that show you the true meaning of unconditional love. Travel helps you to fall in love with people, locations, experiences, our oceans, animals and everything else this incredible world has to offer.



Let me know about your travel and tourism products and services so that I can share them with my wonderful clients!


I am always looking for ways to inspire others to travel and share with them the best places to visit.


If you would like to share your words of wisdom on the blog, then please get in touch for potential collaboration opportunities.


I can join you as an on-staff travel coach, working with employees to ensure that they making the most of their time off, and are continuing to develop skills that benefit their work whilst on sabbatical. 

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