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Chloe Gosiewski

MAC, MFHA, S.A.C Dip. Life Coaching

I’m Chloe and I am a qualified Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Psychology and Meditation Practitioner working with people who are looking to improve their mental and emotional health through travel experiences. 

My Qualifications:

  • Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching

  • Master NLP Practitioner 

  • Psychology of Happiness - level 1

  • Positive Psychology Diploma

  • Meditation Practitioner

  • Marketing Psychology certification

  • MHFA - Mental Health First Aider

  • Health and Wellbeing Diploma

  • Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach

  • Travel and Tourism - Level 5 Diploma - ongoing

  • CPD - Climate Crises - How can coaching help?

How can I help you?

Using a combination of powerful questioning, cognitive behavioural intervention, the psychology of happiness and positivity and grounding techniques, I am able to help my clients to have transformational and sustainable travel experiences to improve their mental and emotional health. 

I am an experienced traveller who has experienced self-discovery and personal development through life changing trips. Having travelled both solo and with others, I have a deep understanding of the ups and downs that you may face throughout your own personal journey.

Extra information

I work online via Zoom or WhatsApp video calls, which allows me to work with clients internationally. 

Some other areas I cover in my sessions are:

  • Law of Attraction coaching

  • Becoming more intuitive

  • Exploring your life purpose

  • Learning how to relax and de-stress

  • Creating a positive and safe routine

  • Learning self care and self love techniques

  • Setting goals and personal travel roadmaps

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Inspired travel brainstorming sessions

  • Personal guided meditations to use at home

  • Building strong communication skills

  • Overcoming low self-confidence and low self-esteem.

About me...

On the 18th of October 2016, I was sat at London City airport at 5 o'clock in the morning, trying not to throw up as I repeatedly told myself this was a good idea. I had quit my job, sold my flat and car and now all I owned was the gigantic suitcase that I dragged along behind me. I was doing it. I was on my own and I had no idea what was going to happen, but for the first time in a long time, I felt liberated and excited. 


After a series of unfortunate events, I had found myself in a low and dark place. I felt unfulfilled, lonely, stagnant and without a purpose. I needed to get as far away from my life as I possibly could and figure out who I was and what I wanted. The original plan was to spend 6 months in Panama, I was going to write a book that I had started years before but never finished and beyond that, no idea. Why Panama? I saw it on season 3 of Prison Break and I thought, that looks cool. 


However, the universe had a different plan for me and by this point, I had completely let go. I had told myself that I was dropping all expectations, because quite frankly, my pre-planned life hadn’t panned out the way I’d hoped at all, so now I was handing the wheel over to something else and I am so happy that I did, because I actually spent 6 months backpacking through Central America. 


I ditched the suitcase and multiple pairs of shoes *sob, and brought myself a backpack and during those six months, I visited Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and Colombia. 


I learnt to surf, scuba dive, (I cruised along with a hawksbill turtle and instantly my appreciation for this incredible planet just exploded), I hiked up a volcano and boarded down it. I spent weeks at a time on beaches. Beach parties, sunsets, sunbathing. I saw incredible places and made life-changing friendships. I swam with a whale shark, it was massive, he was called Big Tom, a local legend. I swam with wild dolphins and released baby turtles into the sea and above all else, I got to know who I was, without all my conditioning. I got to seriously think about what I wanted to achieve with my life and the impact I wanted to have on the world.


That was the start of my One Way Journey.



I offer a free and no obligation 30 minute introductory session to all new clients. During this time, we will discuss whether coaching with me is in fact what you want and need. If not, then don’t worry, I will help you to find the right help and support for you.

This area of coaching is personal development coaching with the intent to travel, therefore I offer set packages that allow for us to do the pre-travel work on your mindset and mental health first, and then we move onto the planning and preparation stages of travel. We will talk in depth about your needs in the initial session and you can then decide on which program would suit you best.

  • 1 month program - £ 270

  • 3 month program - £ 350

  • 6 month program - £ 450

Getting in touch

If you have any questions about coaching or would like to discuss booking a session, then please email me or use the button below to book in for a free 30 minute call.

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