Chloe Gosiewski

Let's go back to 2016 because that is when One Way Journey was born. We started out as a travel blog that followed the adventures of our founder Chloe Gosiewski as she backpacked solo through Central America.

Prior to her first travel experience, Chloe had been having a really difficult time. She was suffering from depression and anxiety and had begun to wonder what the point of living was. She had her own home, a good job, car and friends - all the stuff they say you need to be happy, but she was lost and her low energy was attracting more pain into her life. 

One Way Journey was the start of her road to finding good health and happiness and as her world opened up, so did her heart and her mind. The travel blog was originally a way for her to document her travels and keep family and friends in the loop with her adventures, but soon, the journey evolved into a world of wellness and self-discovery and she knew it was her calling to share her knowledge and help others get started on their own 'One Way Journey' to a happier, purpose-filled life.  


Chloe trained to become a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, and Mental Health First Aider, and  One Way Journey naturally evolved to become focused on delivering excellent coaching, specialising in travel. 

Travel connects us, all races, all backgrounds, all cultures, and all beliefs. Travel allows us to embrace others which in turn, allows us to truly embrace ourselves.

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