Coaching and Mentoring

Supporting you with your personal development plan as you embark on your own wellness journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Personal Development Plan

Coaching to help you to understand what you want from your future and how to create your own plan of action.

Find Your Wellness Path

With your coach, you will be able to identify your path to start your own unique wellness journey, to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Find Your Truth and Meaning

Support and guidance as you embark along your journey to good spiritual health with a qualified Meditation Teacher and Mentor/Healer.

Find the Meaning of Happiness

Improve your mindset and find your purpose. Combination of Life Coaching and Happiness Mentoring helping you to live a happier life.

Travel Wellness

Coaching and Mentoring from an experienced traveller, helping and supporting you as you travel to improve your mind, body and spirit health.

Taking Care of You.

Unique coaching and mentoring tailored to you as you begin to take care of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. 

What we believe in...


Taking full control of your emotional and psychological wellbeing. When we speak of the mind, we refer to your mental health, your mindset, and your ego. All three are equally as important and need to be taken into consideration when addressing the ‘Mind’ and how to bring it into a healthier, balanced state.


Your spiritual health encompasses your values, relationships, and the true meaning and purpose of your life. When we talk about your spiritual health, we are referring to your connection to something bigger than oneself. It is the on-going search to find fulfillment and success.

“Success in life is becoming what you want to be.” Wallace D. Wattles.


In order to exist on this earth, you will need to have a body in which to live. Without good physical health, your time spent here will be more challenging and for many, short-lived. The human body was made to move and eat all the wonderful foods that nature provides. We each have our own unique path to wellness, mind, spirit and body.

Who is One Way Journey?

Hello and welcome to One Way Journey, the online coaching and mentoring, wellness platform created to help guide you towards your wellness path.


Our passion and mission are to support and guide you towards improving your health and wellbeing using a holistic approach, encompassing, the Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

Whilst we understand that the pursuit of happiness and good health can seem elusive, we are committed to providing you with the tools and resources that you need to thrive.

We provide expert knowledge through informative articles, inspirational content, coaching, mentoring and online courses. 

We want you to feel happy and healthy because, at the very core of our existence, our shared success is what motivates us and brings collective joy and inner peace. 

One Way Journey was founded by Life Coach and Travel enthusiast Chloe Gosiewski in 2018 and in 2020, we launched our sister site, My Life Retreats in hope of continuing to help people find wellness through travel and adventure. 

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