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"Problems are best solved when approached creatively, and travel is a creative solution to learning about you, and your problems."

Chloe Gosiewski MAC


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Travel Coaching Services

I offer various travel coaching services, so take a read through and take notice of how you feel about each one. Your own intuition will always guide you in the right direction. 

 If you have any questions about travel coaching then I am happy to offer a FREE 15 minute Zoom consultation, where I can answer your questions, and discover if Travel Coaching is right for you!

Life after travel

If you have been travelling and are now finding yourself in limbo with what to do next (let's face it, you can never go back to living how you did pre-travel, you've changed too much - square peg, round hole and all that), or maybe you are battling with procrastination and need a bit of help to overcome it, I can help you. 


Personal development planning

A huge benefit of travel is the personal development aspect. Together, we shape the experience and action points based on your own personal development plan and life challenges, creating a blueprint to help guide you. This includes the plan itself along with worksheets and meditations that are tailored to your specific goals and objectives.


Confidence building sessions

If you have not been travelling but you are feeling stuck, stagnant and in need of finding the solution to the old age question "what do I want to with my life" and you get this feeling in the pit of your stomach that you want to travel and explore new cultures and places, like your soul is calling across the ocean for you to go and find yourself in the unknown but you have low-confidence and low-self esteem, then travel coaching with me could be just the ticket to get you in the right mindset for travel.


Remote working retreats

Yep, it's a thing guys. In a world where working remotely is the new norm, there are plenty of opportunities for you to go on a personal development journey whilst working remotely, from a different town or country!

If you are feeling like what you need is some healing within your mind and spirit, then get in touch to see how I can help you. I offer personal development planning sessions for your remote working retreat. I also offer one to one coaching to help you to gain confidence, both in approaching your employers and planning the trip itself! 


Mental health travel

Mental health travel is an alternative type of therapy. Some people with mental health problems find it helps to use complementary and/or alternative therapies throughout their healing process. Although people have been travelling the world and discovering its healing powers for many years, it has only recently become widely recognised as an alternative type of therapy that can aid an individual with improved mental health and personal transformation. Mental health travel is when an individual leaves their current environment and surroundings for a period of time to go on a journey of self-discovery. The aspiring traveller prepares and plans the experience with the intent of improving their overall health and wellbeing.


Digital Coaching

Online program

Online service that combines the best of coaching and travel expertise in one easy access place.




One to one coaching

Online sessions with Chloe

Kick start your mental health travel journey with your own personal coaching plan.



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Email coaching

Email exchange 

Corresponding via email to identify your challenges and support your travel intentions.




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