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Travel Coach
MAC, S.A.C Dip. Life Coaching

My first solo trip was Central America, I backpacked Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and Colombia across six amazing months! I had such an incredible experience, that opened up a whole new world to me. I made friends with people from all around the world, learned about new cultures and more than anything, I learned so much about me. It was one of the biggest and scariest things I had done, but without a doubt, the best leap I had ever taken. I am no exception, anyone can experience this, even you! 

Do you ever ask yourself...

Who am I?

What is my purpose in life?

Why do I feel stuck?

What is happiness?

Is there something more to life?

What are the benefits of travel?

Travel is the greatest teacher, the world is your school

The world will teach you kindness, patience and empathy. You will learn about what is truly important to you and what is your purpose in life.

Your circle of friends expands across the globe and your understanding of different cultures will expand your awareness.

The challenges we face in life are no longer burdens, instead you start to see them as signposts that are leading you towards an enlightened perspective.

You're able to connect with yourself and others

Challenges start to look more like opportunities

What will you gain from coaching?

  • You will boost your overall confidence, with travel and all other areas of your life!

  • You will be mentally and spiritually prepared to embark on a transformational travel experience.

  • You will have a complete shift in your mindset which will ultimately lead you into a happier and more positive state of mind. 

  • Working with a travel coach, you will learn how to travel smart and safely, leading you to get the very most out of your trip as you possibly can! 

  • Ultimately, working with a coach will also help you to turn your ideas and dreams about travel into a reality, leaving you feeling empowered as you take the next steps! 


Guy Sadler

I'd once heard travelling being described as "enriching for the soul". Until then, I'd never given too much stock to the effect it had on me. I'd always used it as a way to see new places, dispel cultural myths, or to meet new people. I guess as a byproduct of many expressive actions, something intrinsic and long-lasting were then developed. There have been many hurdles during my travels. Perhaps the biggest I've encountered is in the preparation. The last trip I prepared for over 2 years ago, which I'm still currently on, I can recall anxiety which was making me second guess every decision is made. 
The main driver was having a degree of flexibility, and probably more importantly, the balls to say "YES!" Once you're on the road, everything becomes autonomous. As humans, we are nomadic by nature. Put one foot in front of the other, learn how to say "Hi" and "Thanks" and "Cheers!" and everything else will fall into place. I'm writing this whilst sitting on a sofa beside a golden retriever that I'm dog sitting, eating a prawn curry with quinoa, washing it down with a can of Tecate, looking out at a rare, rainy day in Northern California. If that doesn't inspire you then keep walking.


Emily Brackett

Hands down, the best decision I ever made was to take a solo trip! As a woman from the U.S., I don't have a lot of women peers who have done the solo travel thing. Sure, they traveled the world with friends or they have studied abroad in college, but not very many packs a bag and go solo domestically or internationally. So for me, backpacking Southeast Asia for two months on my own was going to be a true personal challenge. It then became the most invigorating and life-changing thing I've ever done! It gave me the confidence to be myself. It showed me that I can trust my instincts and problem solve on my own. Finally, it taught me that there are some amazing people all over the world and people will help you (or party with you) if you just open up and say HELLO! After I traveled solo once, I was fearless and took a few more trips on my own. Meeting new friends everywhere I went and experiencing new cultures that excited me to my core. It really was the best way to truly find myself.

Travel and Grow with coaching

A Travel Coach exists to empower any individual who has a passion for travel, whether that be a person working in the travel and tourism industry, or someone who has had a life-long dream to see the world!

Capital: Mexico City

Check out some of the best places in the third largest country in Latin America.

Capital: Prague

Located in central Europe, the Czech Republic is oozing with history and culture and stunning architecture.

Capital: Guatemala City

Check out the home to volcanoes, rainforests, and ancient Mayan sites.

Let the posts
come to you.

The Travelling Cat

Once upon a time, there was a roomful of cats.

The problem was they didn’t know they were cats. One day, one of the cats said I really wish I was a cat. I want to be a cat more than anything in this world.


Some of the other cats heard this and they said - me too, I want to be a cat. How can we become cats?


I know, said one. Milk, we need milk. If we drink milk, we will become cats.


Well, the milk didn’t work.


One of them suggested, let's go out and roam the streets at night, get high on catnip and start catfights. It’s gotta be worth a try. 


So off they go...


One of the cats had gotten so fed up with trying to be a cat that he decided to go out into the world and see if he could find out the real answer.


The cat goes on an epic journey and has a great time, he meets so many other animals and learns about them, where they're from, the different ways they live their lives and although the cat makes friends with other cats, the penny still had not dropped. 


One day the Travelling Cat is standing next to a beautiful still lake, feeling a bit thirsty, it decides to go and have a drink. As the cat reaches the edge of the lake, it sees its reflection in the water. 


Holy crap


I’m a cat. 


I cannot wait to go home and tell the others what I know. 


The Travelling Cat returned home and shared the amazing tales from its incredible adventure and finally dropped the big discovery!


You are all cats. 


Unfortunately, they didn't understand. They laughed off the Travelling Cats notion and began discussing the benefits of getting an owner, perhaps one of those would really make them true cats!


The Travelling Cat realised that he couldn't just tell the others what it knew, it needed them to go on their own journey and experience it for themselves.

TEDx Talk

Chloe Gosiewski talks about her journey which takes her around the world in search of self-understanding and happiness. She discovers some surprising things. Combing her passion for travel and therapeutic skills, she helps people the true meaning of happiness and how you can bring more of it into your life. Watch the full TEDx Talk - The Travelling Cat on Youtube here. 


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