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Did you know that by travelling the world, you could improve your mental and emotional health?


Travel is a form of education and therapy and working with a travel coach could help you to ensure that you get the very most out of a life changing experience, leading to healing and self-growth. 

Travel Coaching

If you are someone who wants to travel either solo or with others, but you feel like you are not brave enough or have any idea of where or how to even start, then working with a travel coach can help you to gain confidence, overcome fears and safely plan a trip of a lifetime. You will be supported and championed as you step into your most authentic and powerful self and embark on a transformational travel experience.

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10 Years of Travel with Guy...


Guy Sadler

I'd once heard travelling being described as "enriching for the soul". Until then, I'd never given too much stock to the effect it had on me. I'd always used it as a way to see new places, dispel cultural myths, or to meet new people. I guess as a byproduct of many expressive actions, something intrinsic and long-lasting were then developed. There have been many hurdles during my travels. Perhaps the biggest I've encountered is in the preparation. The last trip I prepared for over 2 years ago, which I'm still currently on, I can recall anxiety which was making me second guess every decision is made. The main driver was having a degree of flexibility, and probably more importantly, the balls to say "YES!" Once you're on the road, everything becomes autonomous. As humans, we are nomadic by nature. Put one foot in front of the other, learn how to say "Hi" and "Thanks" and "Cheers!" and everything else will fall into place. I'm writing this whilst sitting on a sofa beside a golden retriever that I'm dog sitting, eating a prawn curry with quinoa, washing it down with a can of Tecate, looking out at a rare, rainy day in Northern California. If that doesn't inspire you then keep walking.

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Cross-cultural Friendships

Everybody has a different way of coping with similar challenges and traumatic life experiences. Travel connects you with people from all around the world and from all walks of life. These cross-cultural friendships teaches us new ways to overcome our struggles and find new ways to heal and grow. 


Travel brings people together and helps them to teach each other valuable life skills, build strong communication skills and boost their confidence.



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